Zone 9b Garden Schedule

Are you in gardening zone 9b?

If you answered YES, you can get your entire schedule already filled out with all planting dates. 

This garden schedule will help you...

  • > plant all your vegetables at the right time
  • > stay organized
  • > grow a healthy and flourishing garden

What You'll Get

A Zone 9b Garden Schedule


All you have to do is print it off or download it to your phone and you can use it year and year again. 

A Variety of Different Vegetables


There are over 30 vegetables in the schedule with the first and last planting dates for transplants and direct seeding dates. 

  • * Save time by having all your dates already filled in
  • * Start planning out the fun part - planting!
  • * Watch your garden flourish by getting everything planted on time

Don't ever worry about looking up planting dates again

Planting Vegetables in the Garden

Plant all your vegetables right on time

See all your planting dates in one spot and never worry about looking up all the different planting dates again!


All the planting dates for over 30 vegetables!

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